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Quartz movements for wall clocks

08.05.2023 09:55

Wall clocks are not only practical timekeepers, but also decorative elements that can give a personal touch to any room. At the same time, the possibilities in the choice of a wall clock are almost unlimited. A particularly reliable and precise variant are wall clocks with quartz movements.

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Quarz movement

Quartz movements are a very common type of movements used in wall clocks. They are characterized by their high accuracy and reliability and are also very durable. Unlike mechanical movements, which are powered by a spring mechanism, the quartz movement is powered by an electronic pulse. Quartz movements come in many different designs. A particularly interesting variant are quartz movements with pendulum function. 

Wall clocks with quartz movements and pendulum function are available in both classic and modern designs and are suitable for any room and interior. They are especially popular in living rooms and dining areas, where they can act not only as a timepiece, but also as a decorative element. Overall, wall clocks with quartz movements are a reliable and practical choice for any room. Quartz movements with pendulum function additionally provide beautiful visual effect due to the swinging of the pendulum.