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The Perfect Beginner’s DIY Watchmaking Kit

05.12.2022 14:32

The Perfect Beginner’s DIY Watchmaking Kit

You love watches and have started a collection of them. But one day you realize you know nothing about how they work. After a bit of researching and reading, you decide you need to try it for yourself.  That is, you need to build a watch to “put all the pieces together” (literally and metaphorically). But gathering all the pieces to build a watch from scratch would take too long.  And though there are dozens of pre-made DIY watch building kits available online, they’re either way too expensive or seem designed for expert watchmakers.  What do you do?

Well you could give up on your dream of building a watch. But why do that when we have a better answer for you?  Pick up a 2-in-1 beginner’s DIY watchmaking kit from Ernst Westphal starting at $49.95. 

DIY Watchmaking Kit 1

Ernst Westphal knows watches; the company is around for over a century gathering and creating quality watch parts in Germany.   Buying an Ernst Westphal DIY kit will ensure you get a well thought out product based on the company's experience since 1898.

Take this FORTIS Colors DIY kit, for example. This 2-in-1-kit will give you:

  1. A beginner’s watchmaking experience at an amazing price.
  2. Replacement parts for a Fortis Colors watch that you can use if you have one.

This DIY kit is designed for beginners. It utilizes a quartz movement to keep things simpler than a mechanical one. And the assembly instructions are 6 steps long. So if you are a busy person who wants to learn quickly, you could build it in an evening. And no, you don’t need a watchmaker’s bench or a box of expensive tools. No tools are technically required, though the process is easier if you also pick up one of our $10-12 beginner’s watch toolkits or a pair of tweezers/pliers for under $10.

The best part about this DIY kit is its versatility.  In building the watch, one ends up building a “capsule” consisting of the movement inside the case, covered by the crystal.  Once that’s done, one simply inserts it into the band and outer case to start telling time. It can be adapted to utilize your own dial or to repair another quartz watch you own without too much modification.

So what are you waiting for?  Grab yours today!

The Kit: https://watchparts24.com/FORTIS-Colors-strap-with-WatchFix-DIY-capsule-and-movement-kit

Beginner’s Toolkit: https://watchparts24.com/Tool-set-for-safe-and-easy-battery-and-strap-replacement-for-wristwatches

Tweezers: https://watchparts24.com/Watchmakers-tweezers-made-of-brass-shape-AA-length-120mm

Pliers: https://watchparts24.com/Flat-nose-pliers-with-flat-and-round-tip

Watchwriter Blog: https://www.thewatchwriter.com/blog/